Beware of latest UGS version - z axis gets lost with vcarve toolpath

I downloaded it this morning. I was carving some coaster holders and using the Harry Potter font. Midway thru carve, I noticed the carve was got going deep enough and wondered if my wood was out of level. When it finished, I had it return to zero and it was about 1/16" above the surface. I scratched my head and was sure I had set it properly.

I recarved parts of the same project and it seemed to work, so after a closer look, I thought the middle part of my carve looked a bit shallow, so I regenned the toolpath for only that part… (Wizards Welcome) and it was doing a good job but the first O M E was too deep. It moved on to the other piece and the WIZARD part was super deep so I aborted.

I exited the latest version and fired up my 9/27 version of the nightly build and using the exact same gcode file, it carved perfectly and did not lose it’s Z axis.

The reason I was trying a newer version was because I was getting some NULL errors upon start of my larger carves and it was getting annoying. I guess I’ll stick with what I know works.

OK, maybe scratch that. I flipped my piece over and did a another test with the UGS I thought was working, but immedated after the last ‘d’ in Muggles Tolerated, it lost it’s Z axis and went deeper. There is something strange going on. I’ve attached my .crv file if anyone wants to play with it.

Harry Potter Holder.crv (4.0 MB)

The v-carve appears to be fine. The last time my z-axis dove into the work it was due to a loose set screw on the pulley.

I checked them all and they seemed tight, but we’ll see.

Well… I’m guessing it must’ve been a lose pulley wheel since I haven’t had it happen since I went thru and tightened them. My bad… apologies to Will for making a mistake.


Augh! It did it again on that same stupid carve. I changed it up again. I replaced all my set screws with the bigger 3mm ones and they were cranked down. I was watching both pulleys spin and the set screws were synchronized as they spun. I stepped away for a bit and came back and noticed the 2nd plate was a bit too deep, but not horrible. The set screws were no longer synchronized the same way. I rechecked and they are tight! The only thing I can think of is the plunge rate is too high. I notice there is quite a bit of up and down with this carve and I’m wondering if the abrupt stops and reverses at a higher speed would cause the screws to slip involuntarily. It was at 50, so I downed it to 30 and we’ll see what happens.