A friend of mine wanted to have a piggy bank for his one year old son and found this on the internet:

But they are very expensive, so i thought i would try it myself and see if i can carve it on my X Carve.

It turned out great :slight_smile:

The overall height is about 60 cm (23.6 in) and it is made of 3 layers of plywood (6 mm for the top and bottom layer, and 4 mm for the middle layer). For the belly i used a clear pvc ball with a diameter of 16 cm (6.3 in).

After painting and screwing on the foot, it was ready to go


I was trying to do that in easel like a month ago but I just couldn’t get that line going just right so I just gave up, where did you get that ball at?

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I did everything in easel, i traced a image from their website and added the paths for the coin slots
The ball is actually a christmas tree ball for crafting, i just cut off the mounting eye
I got it from an local arts and crafts store for around 4€, but you can order them online, i found some on amazon too

oh ok, l’ll give it a shot again sometime this week and ill look for that ball in amazon today, good job on that!

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Can you provide some specifics on how you did the feet?
How did you keep the ball attached to the body?

good price on a 5.5in / 140mm plastic ball

The feet are the only thing which i couldn’t find a right photo for a image trace, so i just draw a free hand line in easel and edited the points to get a nice round shape

The two circles are for the screws, i used some glue and two 4.5x50mm torx screws

That sounds like a good price for me :thumbsup:

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do you happen to have a copy you could share?