Bike Show Plaques

I really haven’t shared anything I have done with my x-carve. Mostly because I don’t take the time to record it.

However, this project is for a good cause. A motorized bicycle show. The organizer got a hold of me after seeing some of the stuff I posted on facebook. Most of my work has been in wood up till now.

I offered to donate several items.

  1. Spinners (Cut gear and wrap with chain)
  2. Bike badges (engrave designs, cut out, and bend, these go on the front neck of a bike)
  3. Trophies. (design the graphics, paint, engrave, cut out using scroll saw, paint again, mount, finish)

I am not being paid for any of these, however, it’s getting my name around, and it’s going towards an event that will bring like minded people together.

Enjoy the photos, hope if inspires others.


I like what you’ve done. Like you, perhaps, I steer clear of posting too many of my projects.

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Yes, it can be a bit of trial by fire. Either people like it, or they got something nasty to say.

i’m with you on the nasty part. Best wishes.

One other comment. You need to be prepared for your designs to be co-opted. At first I struggled with this. In the end it’s good for our shared creativity.

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That’s kick-■■■ !!!

Keep up the great work … I’m not a biker but I do appreciate a well thought out CNC project… Good stuff!

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Oh for sure man, Now days it’s so easy for people to grab something off the net and make it themselves. That’s why when I do share, I expect someone to at least “modify” what I’ve done. lol. Thanks again.

Thanks Ron,

I also do not have a bike (motorized or peddle) but I do enjoy putting together nice projects like this. Just need to work on documenting and details.