Bird houses

need cnc cutout if anyone has a g-code or ?

Do you have access to Adobe Illustrated? If so you could download the illustrator file, export to svg and use this one:

This particular project was laser cut. There is some info on how to handle the inside corner issue when milling a file like this one in this thread here. You may already know all this but thought I would post it.

There are probably better versions of birdhouses out there and as Phil mentioned a simple google search may help you find some other files that are more interesting.

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Phil thank you I am a machine builder but have very little knowledge of computer skills I try but at age 63 we did not get your training.Help is always great

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not when i got on board i paid $ for a program that was not worth the money (900.0 KB)

robert you are a great person i just need help with designs