Bit Advice For First Project

I’m about to start my very first project and was curious if anyone might be able to help me understand something about bits. The simulation says it will take 4+ hours to complete using a 1/32 bit. It has some fine details on some letters that require the smaller bit size.

With a regular router, I’d never think of running a bit for 4+ hours because of the bit getting dull and/or overheating. Do I need to worry about the same thing with the XCarve with the 611 spindle? Do I need to change the bit throughout a cut of this length.

Greatly appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

I’ve been using speed setting 3 on the 611, under the impression that 3 was the recommended 10,000 - 12,000 rpm. No? Or do you mean to use speed 1 when the cut will run for hours?
How do I go about getting familiar with in-job bit changes without using 2 stage carving? Do you mean by having different toolpath files that use different bits?
Sorry if this all seems elementary. That’s what my experience level is.