Bit almost half of the time "mid air" when cutting

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I’m cuttin in aluminium and I’m doing that with a 1,5 mm bit at 0,5 mm per cut and at a cutspeed of 50 mm / minute. And that works fine. So far so good. Now I noticed that lifting the bit, going back to the start of the cut and lowering it again to the next cut layer takes about 40% of te time on average. The bit lifts 3-8 mm depending on how deep the cut is, and that takes a lot of time compared to the rest of the process…

Is there a way to make this more efficient? I.e less “mid-air” time and more cutting time?

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That’s Easel for ya.

You can reduce Safety height in Easel which will reduce the amount it lift above Z-zero, but you can not specify a faster retract speed, it will always be the same as plunge speed.

Having said that, 50mm/min may be quite slow and you say 0.5mm depth per cut.
If you can go say 100mm/min but half the depth per pass, actual carve time will remain “the same” but you’ll reduce “airtime” to 50% or so.
Tweaking your cut parameters might give you what you want :slight_smile: