Bit and Accessory Holder

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Walnut Bit and Accessory holder that fits on top of the X-Controller
Designed on Vectric Aspire, ran on easel using G-code.

5.125" x 10.125" x .93" thick.
G-code is 4 files due to it not allowing bit change. First 3 G-code use 1/4" upcut, Last G-code uses 1/8" spiral. Please check before using.

Tray complete.crv3d (320 KB)

tray 1.tap (1.2 KB)
tray 2.tap (55.0 KB)
tray 3.tap (76.6 KB)
tray 4.tap (1.1 KB)


Very very smart !!!

The only thing that usually sits on top of my X-Controller is whatever I am holding in my hands at that moment (screwdriver; measuring tape; beer mug…) but this is a super idea…

Well thought out!

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Looks nice, but how do you twist the E-stop with it on there?

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I would imagine the tray would lift off easy enough if needed…

Valid point… I do have to lift it up to reset the e-stop. I would suggest making the tray 5/8"-3/4" thick, but I was too lazy to plane the wood down any more since it was already planed and flat. That being said… I can count the number of times I’ve had to use an e-stop over the last 2 years on one hand…

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Yeah probably not a big deal for most, but I use my e-stop religiously due to years and years of machining habit where powering the machines down at the end of the day always included the e-stop.

Really like how your tray turned out though!

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Another option might be to forgo the wood around the e-stop all together…

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That was my initial plan/design. Just to cut that corner out. I chose aesthetics and integration over function in this case it may seem. But like I said, I just lift it to reset it and rarely use it anyways… thanks guys!!

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