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I’m planning this carve and could use some recommendations on bits to use. Right now with a 30 degree it’ll take 9 hours. I’m using the Xcarve with the Makita router, the material is pine board and it’s 24 inches by 9.25 inches. Any manual settings recommendations also appreciated.
Screenshot 2022-07-27 203015

You can do it in a 2 stage cut with an 1/8" bit for the roughing and a 60 or 90 degree vbit for the clean up.


Just a heads up, youre missing the bottom stripe, there should be 13 stripes (13 colonies) and 7 are to the right of the union and 6 are below it …

Adding that stripe might almost fix the aspect ratio as its a bit stretched… unless thats the look youre goong for :man_shrugging:

The standard ratio for the US flag is 1 high by 1.9 wide so if its 24" wide it would be 24/1.9= 12.63" tall.


Alrighty then! Thanks.


Thanks for the heads up and info!

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