Bit Breaks Mid Carve

Hey, I have a question. If your bit breaks mid carve, is there away to start the machine from a specific area to carve, instead of starting the whole carve over. Thank you in advance!!


Yes and No, yes if your project will allow you to cover the carved areas with a zero cut depth box. OR you can restart and jack your speeds up high and let it re-carve everything then slow it back down when it makes it to the virgin areas you still need to carve. No easel will not let you pic an exact spot to start over as far as I know.

Resuming can be tricky. If your new bit is not set to exactly the same start point and exactly the same height as the first bit, you run the risk of the new cut areas being off from the original.

I like to get everything set up, home to the limit switches and start that way. If I break a bit I can re-start from a known position. I have also been known to edit the G-code to remove already cut areas, but doing this requires a great deal of experience.