Bit breaks when cutting pieces completely out

I’m trying to make the following project (see below). I modified the project to only be 1 tree and adjusted the size to fit a smaller piece of wood 9.25in x 11in x .75in.

It starts in the center block and cuts the hole where the tree fits into so it stands up. After it cut the hole it was “cleaning up” (not sure how else explain) the pocket and the bit got hung up on the piece that it cut out and broke the bit.

I’m curious as to how to prevent this in the future since if you cut out anything, you run the risk of the bit getting hung up on the piece that is now loose in there.

This is the project I am working on but not the actual one as noted above.

You need to add tabs or use the tape and glue method to hold the pieces. If you don’t use one of these methods the parts will come loose and most likely break the bit.

I’m a newb here, could you explain/show me what you mean when you say “add tabs” and “tape and glue method” ?

If you do a search for the tape and glue method you should find plenty of results.

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That project already has tabs turned on, so it should not have broken free, not unless your carve depth or Z zero were off which might have resulted in a deeper carve than intended.

In the past, when an item was copied of modified the tabs were omitted.
That may have happened to Bill


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