Bit change and dust shoe

I am having trouble with zero coordinates- I am used to knowing exactly where the zero’s are. This way I can move the spindle when I need to change bits. Is there a console that will show me the numbers?
Also, the 60 degree 1/4" bit will not allow the attachment of the dust shoe without significant force. When the z axis raises automatically, it is not quite enough space. Can we adjust that axis raise position in the program?

First off I don’t use Easel, but I do know that there are Work position settings and Machine position Settings displayed. I use the universal Gcode sender to run my machine and both sets of numbers are displayed. I myself would home the machine and then change bits myself just in case the router moved. I do my work in different stages and home to change bits and load new gcode.

For example in making a guitar fretboard, I use 3 different bits. A round nose, a 1/8" straight, and a Dremel burr in an adapter to mark fret locations. I make my work zero on the centeline at the bottom of my part. Each time I change bits, I jog back to that location. Generally I’ll start at that spot and rezero the X controller, so both work and machine settings are the same for me. Sometimes I do bad things and have to emergency stop the machine, so it gets homed again and rejogged to that centerline location.

In Easel, Machine Inspector should show you those positions. Machine/General Settings/Machine Inspector

I believe this is set by the Origin Safety Height, this is in Machine>General Settings and on the right side next to safety height. Safety height controls the height during the carve, while origin safety height controls the first and last moves … I think this also controls that initial lift as well, but I’m not 100% sure… worth a try though…

HOWEVER I am on the same page with wanting to see the DRO throughout the carve and prior as well, so what I do is Design in Easel and then Download the Gcode file, open that in OpenBuilds Control and then send the gcode using that sender… It has the on screen DRO, it has a ton of additional settings and options that you can configure and many that are already built in… It even has a QR code, that you can scan from a cell phone on the same WIFI and use that cell phone as a mobile pendant for jogging around and into position. It supports XYZ Probes… there’s a plethora of reasons I use OpenBuilds over the standard Easel integrated Gcode Sender.

There’s also a Flag video on that channel as well showing the design in Easel, and then export an send with OpenBuilds if you want to see that process…

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This is fantastic information, thank you! Especially the part where I can use my cell phone to jog to position, my old laptop is facing the side of the machine…

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