Bit Change on 611 - flexing assembly

Not sure about anyone else, but whenever I change bits on the 611 with the 1/4" factory collet using the big silver wrench, I have to wrestle with keeping the spindle mount stationary for fear of flexing and damaging it, the v-wheels etc…

Anyone have any alternate method for 1/4" bit change on the 611 w\ factory collet other than “just hold it really tightly in your left hand while cranking the collet down with your right” ? Should I be considering a replacement 1/4" collet and if so, what’s recommended?

Thanks in advance!

The assembly does flex a bit but I’ve never pushed it to the point where I was concerned about it. Possibly you are over tightening?

I am not sure. The only thing I can think of is the collet is not seated properly so it need more torque to hold the bit?
The collet should kind of “Snap” into the nut when seated properly.
Make sure that is happening.

One thing I started doing almost from day one was zeroing my bit to the surface and then using the machine controls to jog down .005 or so to put a circle in my material. Then jog back up the same amount and zero. That way I can get back to zero should it move a bit when changing bits.

I’ve another project in the works to deal with that but it’s good enough for now.

make that hole with the second bit. I’ve done it to make it work.

I do have a project in the works to deal with this and will publish it soon