Bit change

Hello, Im new to the XCarve, great CNC machine. My question is how do you use 2 bits… I set it up for the V bit doing the detail but the 1/8 inch bit did all the milling. How do i change the bit in the middle of the project? does the machine suppose to stop on its own?

A two stage carve is actually two separate carves - the roughing carve and then the detail carve. The connection is the software assigns the larger roughing bit to remove all it can without cutting into the design and then sets the detail bit path to clean up the rest. Behind the scenes it is writing two separate G-Code files to handle this.

When you start the two stage carve Easel will ask if you want to do the Roughing carve OR the Detail carve. Usually you pick the roughing first. Once that cut is complete Easel stops. You then have to change bits and re-zero Z. You do not re-zero X and Y - only Z. Then start the cut process again but this time select the Detail carve and run it.

It is actually easy once you do it.

Thank you so much… I will try tomorrow