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I am carving a raised letter sign. I am using a 1/8 straight cut bit for the rough cut to hone out the wood, and then I’m using a 1/32 for the detail bit. is that the right combination and does the software tell you when to put the other bit in the router for the detail cut??

thanks for the help

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When you run the simulation the 2 different tools will appear with 2 different color lines.
When you select “carve” you will be asked which path to carve including which bit you’re using, you will select “roughing” and the larger bit and rung that, and it will end just like a normal carve.
Then you will need to swap the bit and select “carve” again and select the “detail” path and the smaller bit and that will run.

There’s a bit more info about 2 stage carving over here:


I also suggest checking out this video as I personally feel this mod makes the 2 stage carving a lot easier than the official method in the link above:

Once the torque lock is setup per that video (a 1 time change), the instructions about re-homing can be skipped making each 2 stage carve that much faster and easier.

Seth, thanks for the lesson. I’m new to this so I really appreciate the help. I subscribed to your YouTube page so hope you don’t mind me checking in from time to time
Thanks again

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