Bit coming loose

Hi, the bit keeps lowering, not coming all the way out, but being dragged out of the collet so if I stop for example to return to home it gets hung in material, any idea what I am doing wrong? is the way I am mounting it somehow pushing the release button?

How are you tightening the bit?

the yellow button dewalt router that you have to press. I use a wrench to tighten

You gotta wrench those suckers in tight. They should never come loose while carving.

Just in case no one else posts a an answer: Measure the diameter of your bit. They are never exactly the stated diameter and depending where you got it it could be WAY off. For example it might say it is .125" but it might actually be .118" or 3mm. This is good practice even when your bits do not slip so you can enter the tool’s actual diameter into your CAD/CAM program for more precise results.

This assumes you were tightening your bit sufficiently.

Pull the collet out of the router and inspect.

When is the last time you gave the collet and shank a good cleaning