Bit cuts into and drags across material on way to start of cutting point

I’m having a weird issue with Easel Pro. I have set the proper bit height using the probe and pressed with starting the cut. The bit is supposed to stay raised and move to the first position to begin cutting. This is not happening. What is happening is the bit lowers into the material, cuts a path to the start of the cut position, and then proceeds with the cut. Additionally, the depth per pass as set by Easel does not seem to be honoring the presets. The cuts are going deeper per pass.

Looking for suggestions.

I believe I fixed it. I updated to a new version of the GRBL firmware from Inventables and it had changed my z steps/mm. Thankfully I exported it before and was able to correct it.

What did you export? Mine is doing this too. Do I need to export all projects I have in x-carve Pro? Do you have a link to this gvrl upgrade? What version is the latest?

Sorry for all the questions. I am having other issues too and this may be the reason.

No. I had exported my previously stored GRBL settings so I’d know what was correct. I recommend you test each of your axis to ensure the steps per mm is correct. My Z Axis was not. I taped a ruler on my z-axis, commanded it to move a certain distance, and checked to see if that was correct. I adjusted my steps-per-mm until it was correct.

@JohnWarren1 If you tell your Z axis to move 100mm does it move exactly 100mm?

Yes, I have checked all travel on x,y and z. I did have to make some adjustments to a few things to square them up a bit but, I don’t think that was the issue. I found that if I have to home off the board, and then hit carve, the bit dose not move up to a safe position before beginning travel to do the carve. If the bit is low and close to the project, it will crash into it. So, I now, move the bit over the project after I home the XYZ and I have not had this issue since.

If you set work zero at board level the bit will only lift to the safety height (default 3.8mm). If the material is thicker you will watch a crash.
It sounds like this is what you are experiencing.

I often set height reference of the board, but if I use 12mm material I lift the bit 13mm and use this height as Z0. Carve depth =13mm and I get a clean cut.

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The normal sequence after homing is to zero the z-axis to the work piece. This way, the system will know what a correct safety height should be (default of 3.8mm as HaldorLonningdal said). From your response, it sounds like you have figured it out. The problem I had was having to adjust the z-axis steps-per-mm setting in GRBL. The other issue I had before figuring this out was the bit would plunge too deep into the work piece. This was also related to the wrong steps-per-mm setting.

I did have a problem with the router plunging into the work piece. Like it wanted to go through to the floor. Smoked up my whole garage it got so hot before I was able to hit the emergency switch then, it did it one more time and that time I was watching more closely. I disconnected the homing switches and the plunging has not happened since.

I stacked up two blocks of wood 1/2" each. and cut a rectangle to a depth of 1/2". I could see my front left corner was low and the rear right may have been high. So, I adjusted all corners to the same height with a flat piece of hard wood and now, you cannot see any offset.

I will be putting the bit over the work piece clear of everything before carving from now on. I just wish I could turn off returning to home after the carve. Broke a bit on a hold down screw yesterday on it’s return home after a carving. Do you know how to turn that off or remedy the situation?

Thanks for the insight to that Haldor!

Im having the same issue. It is cutting on the red line at 0.16" which is the default safety height and then getting 0.25" which is the cutting height i set for this design. Anyone able to help on how to fix this. Should i set the safety height higher or to a negative number ??

Having the exact same issue. Work fine if manually set XYZ but will do this if I use the z probe. Please help!

Edit your probe plate thickness value in Easel to = actual plate thickness.

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