Bit Dragging since upgrading to X-Controller and Z-Probe

I did some test runs on acrylic and, for some reason, it is dragging/deflecting and going deeper now that we have upgraded. I have the depth set to .01" and it carved .045" any idea what the issue is? It will drag the bit while carving then it will “jump” when it hits an already carved pocket, we never had this issue with the old controller, but we didn’t use the Z-Probe then either. 1/8" Cast Acrylic, 2F 1/8 Upcut Fishtail, Dewalt 611 3.5-4 Speed.

Have you calibrated your Z-axis steps/mm?

No, we never did before, are any good instructions? Oh, I forgot to mention, we have the Acme Rod with Nema 23 Stepper Motors.

First make sure that if you have run through the Easel setup with the new Xcontroller that you selected the ACME rod when prompted. If not, you can re-run the setup. It does change your steps/mm value for X, Y, and Z.

Second, this should be a good place to start for steps/mm calibration:

I think there are a few more around but that’s the one I could find.

Thank you, I will check and do that later today.

No, we did not think to do that since we got our Z-Probe from Inventables. What should it be?

How shallow are you going? The tips of our bits and our cuts are clean. We did have melting at those speeds with extruded when we tried it, but nothing since switching to Cast.

Okay, I will do that when I go out to the building tonight.

Yes, it is.

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Alright, so we redid our setup and the puck was 14.95mm, compared to the stock 14.99. We did some tests and it appears to be mostly fixed now, however, our wasteboard is slightly bowed. Doing a straight line up at .01, the bottom was ~<.012, but the top was ~.04 .