Bit Dragging?

Can someone point us in the right direction on fixing this? Both test runs (only one pictured) ended up with extra line craving.

When you jog your Z up and down manually, does it happen to stall when retracting on occation?

The Z axis seems to go up and down manually without any hiccups.

Explain further your mindset so I can explore your theory further.

If possible, could you share your Easel project? Or export/post the gcode here in case its in the code.

Your bit is obviously dragging, question is why.
The most common cause for this are loose pulley/pinion or motor stalling due to increased friction. A poor motor wire for Z can also cause random direction change.

If the code dont command the position but the bit do not return to the exact same position after completionm it is either in the code or steps are lost.

Here is my project

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any reason for 2nd stage here? (Detail bit, just cross it out to make it dissapear)
Not sure it is the culprit but it serves no purpose there.

So I understand you correctly, you are saying to “X” out the “DETAIL BIT” in the upper right corner?

That’s what he’s saying. If you don’t change the bit and you aren’t changing the feedrate or anything, the detail bit option is not needed. That said, your issue with the dragging is not impacted by that.

This is probably the issue. As your machine carves, if the Z-pulley is loose, it can drop into the material (or pull itself in when using an upcut bit). Your controller doesn’t know that is happening and “thinks” it retracted to the correct height. If you go into the machine inspector, the Z height for the Work position should read 3.81mm when your carve is complete. If it does, you lost steps somewhere.
Does the carve end in the workpiece? (meaning when it’s done does it raise back up or stay in the wood?)