Bit for allunimium material

Hello everyone. I have been working on some projects using alluminium cladding. Find the material in picture. Material thickness ia bout 8mm. it is made of inner plastic material with alluminium thin plate on its surface. the alluminum on the surface should be about 2mm. I am cutting this several time with my xcarve carve starter bits. I have broken all bits now. Can anyone suggest the bit that will do this job better? Please answer with a link to purchase the bit.
Thank You.

6mm plastic + 2mm aluminium?
The aluminium is probably a soft grade which increase difficulty, the chance of gumming up the bit is large.
Cutting fluid (Anything is better than nothing) will increase chance for success.

For such a material I would use a straight bit 1flute, go fast and shallow. Keep plunge speed low for the aluminium stage.
What rates will work for you depend on the rigidity of your particular machine, but I would try 1600mm/min and 0.2mm depth per cut at minimum RPM.

The plastic part, go even faster.

I am using bits from Sorotec in Germany but any decent bit mfgr with 1F Alu bit can do the same -

I’ve had the best luck with ZRN-coated bits for aluminum.

Definitely no more than 3 flutes, and 2 works very well also.

This is the best bit I’ve personally used:

Are you sure the aluminum is 2mm thick? It looks like ACM (aluminum composite material). I cut it like plastic, try a spiral one flute end mill.

2mm do sound thick for sure, most ACM metal layers are very thin - so thin one can consider is as plastic as far as cutting is concerned.

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