Bit for cutting through 1.5" stock

Which end mill do you recommend in 1/8" diameter for cutting through 1.5" thick material with the carvey? the included ones are too short

That’s going to be a difficult bit to find. With a thin bit like that the bit can start to flex the longer it gets.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Longest I know of:

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search ebay for 1/8 endmill extra long. they will cost around $10-15 for a 3 inch they are easy to find but my issue with them was material removal from the cut. if you get one go slow or SNAP! I use the extra long 1/4in straight flute router bit.

just for the final cut through to make some toy cars. rather than taking thinner stock and gluing it together

for the 1/4" straight router bit, do i need to have a full 1.5" cutting length, or can i use one with a 1" cutting length and plunge it just a little farther?

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better than pausing operations to clean out cut

If you take depth cuts, you don’t need full cutting length BUT you do need to grind the shank a bit smaller for clearance, past the cutting edge, or it will rub and burn your nice finished edge.

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Depends on what you are making…