Bit for shallow logo on Plexi engrave?

What is the best/correct bit to use for carving a 1/16" deep logo with a few wide fill areas in the design on a 1/8" piece of neon plexi acrylic sheet? … and Speed of router rpm ? The flat areas on the bottom of the engrave needs to look nice when piece is held to light source.

any help getting my project to look perfect is appreciated!!

I use for plexiglas acrylic a 2 cut downcut spiral bit, it works good and gives nice edges.

The Router must be on the lowest speed, dewalt I think 1 is 16k RPM.

The engraving speed must be high, 90-120 ipm, and only 0,1mm per pass.

Hope that helps you

Here are some pointers.

  1. have your acrylic level. use the bit to check for it. If its not then put it on a flat board and shim so that you can adjust the level of it.
  2. use some type of double sticky tape. the thinner the better. This will keep the plastic down. (Note: you only need to do this if the plastic is think Less than 1/8" thick)
  3. Use air to blow the chips out and keep the part/bit cool. Use the same as ChristophStieler said. Keep the doc as small as possible. Those little bits can break easily.
  4. Do some tests and Make sure its looking good.

Also get your hands on cast acrylic. It works much better than what the department/local hardware stores sells. It also looks better.
Happy engraving.

I have used silicone / modelling clay to form a water resevoar outside the cut shape, this allow water to flow over the entire pattern, keeping things cool.

if you use clay do not use Sculpy.
it will melt the plastic.

instead of clay maybe cheap foam peel back sticky window and door trim?