Bit Holder - Made from Katalox

About to carve a new bit holder out of Katalox. Took inspiration from a few designs and made it my own. All in Easel. It’s designed to sit right on top of the XController.


What? no pictures?

I ‘attempted’ to make that as one of my first pieces after setting up my XC. I was a bit too new at it and messed it up. I had to cut it down and make a smaller version with enough of the undamaged wood left. Oh well.

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very nice wood

what are these ?


Look like drag bits.

Drag bits I purchased from China. $7 each I believe. I just need to craft a mount for them.

oh okay sweet lol

WOW! That’s beautiful wood. And the tray doesn’t look bad either. A lot better then my pile of stuff on both side of my XC.

I like working with HDPE for stuff like that.

Oh, Katalox is like butter to cut with a CNC. Not much sawdust, NO fraying, just beautiful and easy, yet it’s very hard wood. I really like it.

where are you located to acquire Katalox lumber ?

Western, New York. We have a specialty wood store here.

Someone was just looking for one of those in WNY on the forums.