Bit Holder

Bit Holder made with the box app.

1/8th White PVC


Looks great! Nice job!

Thanks it was quick to cut out maybe 8 minutes

50 ipm
0.06 depth of cut

Pvc cuts like butter with the 1/16th bits

What bits do you use? I’m looking to expand my bit collection and would welcome some advice.

Used the 1/16th bits in the picture with the green band around them

Ordered from drillman1 on ebay

That’s a nice one. I like how it’s also inexpensive. Did you make a project? If so I’ll add it to the tools section.

Will post up once I’m home tonight in this thread


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Hi Zach, see link below Im not sure if you need anything else?

Cut with 1/16th inch bit, 50ipm depth of cut per pass was 0.06"
0.120" PVC piece was 9"x7" cost of materials would have been less than $1.00

Holes are for 1/8" Shank Bits cut them at 0.130" to allow a little bit of wiggle room
Glued together with Crazy Glue

Anything else let me know


Hey Grant if you use the publish feature I can add it to the tools section.

@Zach_Kaplan Published!