Bit hovers above material

No matter the depth that is programmed, the bit hovers about .08 above the surface of the material. It doesn’t always do this, but most of the time it does, and I can’t figure out what the difference is. I’ve called NUMBEROUS times over the last year about this. 3 times this week alone with no real answers. The last guy sent me some emails of troubleshoots…nothing changed. I don’t know if it is Easel or user error.

Brad, welcome to the form

what size cutter are using when this happens? short and/or long ? 1/4" and/or .125 cutter?
what machine are using when this happens is it stock or upgraded?
if it’s upgraded lower your “Z” assembly down about .1"

I have:

X carve 1000 mm. X 1000 mm (pre November 2021)


Belt Drive w/ ACME Threaded rod

DeWalt 611

2 GT 6mm belts

I do have a Z-Probe

I don’t have a dust shoe

I use Easel for the software. Because of my issues, I didn’t use it for a long time and my account lapsed. I just re-subscribed last week and it came with program updates.

There are no upgrades to the machine. I have tried an up cut 1/8” and a 90 degree v bit.

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cool, then just double check router didn’t slide up in the mount.
I had that problem ended up put lock nuts on the three screws

Can you verify your grbl settings are set properly?

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