BIT Keeps Slipping DEEPER Into Router Collet?

Hey yall
Just got this 1000mm about a week ago
newbie here

Im trying to cut large letters 20"'X24" 0.5 deep Birch Plywood
(hopefully up to an inch deep one day)
I tried using the Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill and with the suggested settings on the forum and also tried Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill (i know its for plastic but it worked better than the black one for some reason?)

after a while they both eventually either grind into the wood and break off or the entire bit and collet adapter slip out (i think my machine isnt leveled) and it also takes way too long… so ive just been lightly cutting out the shape then taking it to the scroll saw.

Ive purchased this - Spiral Amazon Bit

  • to try and cut deep through large pieces faster with cleaner edges.
    It was working for a couple of passes (with some jitteryness) but now the bit is slipping deeper into the collet and results in the blade cutting air? anybody know what im doing wrong???

used these settings for the 1/4 amazon bit
feedrate: 10in/mm
plunge: 8in/min
depthperpass: 0.1in.

and also these
feedrate: 8in/mm
plunge: 8in/min
depthperpass: 0.05in.

been reading alot of threads on the forum but im at a loss
if anyone could share a link or video id greatly appreciate ya thanks !

If the bit slips into the collet it’s a sure sign that it is not held tightly enough. I personally don’t use collet adapters but instead use the correct sized collet.

The up cut bit produces forces that pull the bit out of a loose collet. Down cut bits push back into the collet.

If you have a thick enough work piece and your bit is deep enough, all of that 1 inch cutting length will be engaging the work piece and producing quite a lot of force. A proper fitting collet is essential.

One last thing. If you have calipers, measure the shaft diameter of your Amazon bit. Some people have been selling 6mm metric bits as 1/4" bits There is enough of a difference that a 1/4" collet will not hold a 6mm bit tight.

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What do u mean by “I don’t use collet adapters but instead use the correct sized collet”

So the black thing that holds it in the dewalt isn’t needed?
What other sizes can I use?
I have tooo many questions XD…do u have any video recommendations on collet info ?

When you’re using the 1/4" bit in the router are you holding the yellow button and using the wrench to tighten the collet nut?
The Dewalt router can use 1/8" bits if you use a collet adapter and 1/4" bits with the collet nut supplied with the router. Some people like myselt don’t like the collet adapters so we use a precision collet to hold the 1/8" bits.


What I do is hold down the yellow button and tighten by hand. Will give the wrench a try!

Did you have some bits break on you too with the regular dewalt collet adapter?

Please use the wrench every time.
Also use it when changing blades on your circular saw, miter saw or table saw…please.


I didn’t have any bits break but had read about people having trouble with the collet adapters so I bought the precision collet.

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Definitely will do ! :ok_hand:

Ahh okay gotcha i figured the machine would be ready to cut with what it came :confused: but will go ahead and get it thanks so much !

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