Bit missing material

Ok, so I carved this project in oak. I used a 1/4" 60 degree bit. All the lettering looks great except for the areas between the letters. There is a lot of lines of material that was skipped. Im pretty new to the machine and was wondering if someone could help me with this and if the project can be saved somehow?

As long as you haven’t moved the material and you kept your same home position you could run another pass. When you set your Z height set it over where the lines didn’t engrave. If your material is not parallel to your Z axis then that will cause the small lines not to engrave. The V bit will only go as deep as the lines are wide.
I hope that makes sense.

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…as long as the machine havent been powered down, unless a homing sequence was performed.
But yes.

The thin areas missing is most likely due to insufficient space for the bit to fit between the design, these will then be omitted from the carve. Change to a smaller bit, let Easel reflect this change and run the carve (or limit the carve to the outline only) to finish it of.

A prerequisite is a known reference point, like homing switches, 3D block or a machine that has not been reset in the meantime.

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It sure does, thank you!!

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