Bit movement during change

When I change a bit while carving my machine moves all over and then can not restart the carve correct. I was told to set the GRBL to 1=255 what is the GR BL and how do you set that? THanks

Besides the $ change, you may want to turn off the 4th dip switch for each axis. The dip switches are the white slide switches on the red things. See my post here:

XController disassembly

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To change your GRBL parameters open Easel, when its connected to the controller press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open Machine Inspector.
In the Console window type $1=255 and press Enter.
You´ll see the list below Console will say “Ok”.

Restart controller and change is in effect.
You can read the current parameters by sending $$ in the Console window.

Thank you all I will try these suggestions. Blessings