Bit not retracting

Well I have a ticket in with them as of last night so I will let you guys know what they say when/if they respond.

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Point them to this thread as well

Hi @NeilFerreri1,
We have created a ticket in our system to track this issue. Thank you for the report!

So last Friday they said they were going to get the head of support on this issue today. Here’s hoping they figure out the problem soon!!!

@JoeSheble Here is what I am talking about.

@KacperMarcisz has the testing started to figure out this problem yet?

Hi @AlexGrecheski,
We are in the process of troubleshooting this issue. As soon as we have any updates we will post on the forum.

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I couldn’t continue to wait so I just went ahead and bought VCarve. Good Luck with the issue if you continue to troubleshoot it.

Almost everyone that does seems to like that software and the company that produces it.

That includes me. I don’t count Vtransfer as I’m pretty sure that was someone’s side project and it doesn’t appear to have matured, yet.

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I wish I would have bought it sooner! Dont get me wrong Easel is great for beginners but I had customers waiting for signs and couldn’t just sit around doing nothing about it. Vcarve is already paid off in a week.


@KacperMarcisz Any update on this one?

Any update?

Me too. Still waiting on a update??

Looking for an update here. Have seen the same issue with z axis not lifting to correct height moving between cuts. Was going to play around with safety height until I found this thread. Appreciate any thoughts.

Can you share the easel project or gcode?

Thanks for responding Neil. Here’s the file that I used that had a number of fairly deep cuts made during the transitioning between positions. I’m fairly new to this, but I do understand the gcode a bit, so if I can help with any more info to track down my issue, please let me know. Thank you! (480.8 KB)

What software did you use to generate the gcode?
It looks like you did a facing operation.

EDIT: I see you have everything in a pocket except the border?

Can you share the Easel project? It’s hard to see with the pocket covering everything.

Hi Neil,
Thanks for the quick response. Here is the project: I did edit it a bit - mainly making the lettering flush with the top of the board rather than recessing it and I also adjusted the safety height to see if that would help, but otherwise its the same project.
Thanks again for the help!

You’ll probably be ok if the design is all at the surface level. If not, it looks to be the same issue I linked to several times earlier in this thread. I don’t know why they haven’t fixed it. The end mill only retracts to the height of raised elements when those elements are below Z0. In theory, the travel moves would be moving over those areas at the exact height they were cut. Say your lettering was .25" below the surface of your piece, the “drag marks” occurred with rapids at .25" below the surface. They SHOULD raise to some retract height ABOVE the lettering, if not to your safety height.
I’d contact Inventables and point them at this thread (again).

Thanks so much for looking at this Neil! I will see if I have any luck bugging them (again) :slight_smile:
Your help is much appreciated! I’ll post back if I make any progress.