Bit Recommendation

Hi Everyone, I appreciate any help in advance. I am looking for a helpful guideline or resource to use for bits. For instance, what would you use to cut the outline of a shape to the depth of a piece of plywood over an inch thick? What bit would you recommend to cut out the outline of a cursive word in 1/4 birch plywood with minimal error (I’ve had letters slide around in the pocket and get chewed up)? I finally got my xcarve up and running and I try something new everyday. If a bit is needed that is not available through Inventables is there a reputable site or manufacturer to order through?

Thank you for your help.

If you have a router that takes 1/4" shank router bits, that’s what I use. Probably my most common bit is a 1/4" straight bit. I use 1/2" D, 1/8", and 3/16" other times. There’s upcut, compression, and downcut, but they cost more. You should experiment and find out what works best for what you are doing.

I opt for the 2 flute variety most of the time. Whiteside is a great brand. Freud, CMT, are next on my list. Amana bits seem pretty good too. You get what you pay for with router bits. Most of the time I get mine on Amazon. Toolstoday is pretty good too.

I avoid cheap bits unless they are one time use and I can throw them out. Higher quality carbide stays sharper longer.

If you are doing really fine detail, well you’ll need smaller diameter bits for that.

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Thank you for that. This has been a tedious process to set up and learn.