Bit Ripping Out - Not sure what I'm doing wrong

Brand new user. Just got it finally running and did the test carve tonight.

Test carve went pretty smooth. Wanted to do a quick little project to see what this baby can do. I decided to try out the little heart shaped box that you can find here. Seemed simple enough. Was using some spare 1x6 pine that I had lying around.

I adjusted the thickness (it wasn’t too far off the design - I was at .78 inches), set up everything, and started. Twice, the bit (using 1 flute 1/8 upcut) got ripped out of the router and was left gouged into the wood. The second time, it also knocked the dust shoe off, and the collet burned a good chunk of the inner shoe.

What am I doing wrong here? I’m certain I tightened that collet well enough. Do I need to start wrenching it in? Kinda scared to try again at this point, but I’ve got to figure it out. The wife has a load of projects waiting.

Did you not use a wrench? :flushed: Yes, you need to use a wrench. One came with your router.


Welp. That’s embarrassing.


Nobody tell my wife that I’m screwing this up. Glad I didn’t do more damage than I did.