Bit’s in Europe (Holland)

Hi there,

Does anybody know where to buy good quality bits in Europe? I’ve tried to find it on the forum but so far no results. (I’m located in Holland)

Mostly looking for 1/32” bit’s for the 1/8 bitholder.

Thanks in advance!

(Ik dacht al toen ik uw naam zag dat je een belg/hollander moest zijn. Aangenaam! ;-))

Sadly not many options in EU that I know of. I buy mostly from eBay nowadays.

This one is a good starter pack. A little bit of everything, but a bit pricey:

I have had these as well. Cheaper but overall I am happy with them:

Just know that 1/32 and especially 1/64 will break very easily so keep your settings conservative.

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The Shapeoko wiki has a few links to sources in Europe:

More would be welcome.

1 Like have good tools, have used them a fair bit. (pun intended)

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