Bit scraping on wood

When I complete a project, sometimes when the bit returns to zero it scrapes along the top of the wood. Any suggestions or ideas of why this is happening?

Hmmmm…does this only happen at the end of your project and not throughout?

Just go into Machine then advanced and set the saftey height a little higher. Your work piece is probably not flat and bowed a little.


Only at the end and not everytime. Someone just recommended adjusting the safety height, ill try that first.

Safety height will revert back after each carve it is not a permanent change unless they changed something from the last time i used it.

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SO I adjusted safety height and had a more significant problem. Over a long project the Z axis appears to incrementally lose height so it cuts deeper and deeper on the project. The project I am trying to cut is 50 Stars. The first row cuts perfect, the second row cuts perfect until about midway then starts cutting deeper, and the machine continues to cut deeper throughout the project so that it is begins cutting each star at .25 but towards the end is cutting to about .50 deep.