Bit selection - 1/8 engraving bits

I purchased a set of these 30-60-90 degree v-bits from Amazon. I’ve had mixed success with them and I believe it’s because I’m not selecting the correct diameter and depth. Is there a good way to set these up and still get detail in My carvings?

Thanks in advance.

you’d want to enter them as custom bits into the toolbox (if you have pro) or manually enter then as custom bits at the bottom of the selectable ones… the diameter is the max diameter of the V… so 1/8" (3.175mm)

and that should resolve most of your issues…
I’ve used them a TON until of started buying amana bits :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m not going to link to each one of them, but there are quite a few videos over on my tiktok using the 90deg 1/8" engraving bits for things they probably weren’t intended for

And here’s one on YouTube in case the TikTok one doesn’t play (it’s showing some error on my end when I posted the above link to TikTok)

Note: Be aware that some of those are sold with a “flat tip” and easel is not really setup to support flat tipped V Bits, so the toolpaths won’t be right if those are “flat tipped” v-bits

I did see in the pro section for adding custom bits. I’m not using pro just yet as I’m still learning(and trying to make this tool pay for itself, lol).

When I enter it as a 1/8" diameter it removes some detail from the project that I’d like to keep. Depending on the project, I wouldn’t necessarily be going as deep as the full cutting section of the bit. Would I just need to measure the bit width at the depth I’m cutting to and use that number?

Also, would I need to use the feeds and speeds from a larger bit so the project doesn’t take forever?

You do get a free month of pro when you first sign up :thinking: so if its within the first month of that account, then you get to use the vbits during that trial :man_shrugging:

If you’re doing the 'ol “trick easel to use a vbit without having pro” then you’ll be spending more time carving and not get perfect crisp corners because it won’t do the angled lifting the way it does for vbit toolpaths.

I’ve seen people enter it as a 0.1mm endmill and this is about the best one can do to use a vbit without Pro.

And it will take forever, depending on the depth and the amount of stepdowns as well as the stepovers for larger pockets.

You could do a 2 bit carve (click the + next to the bit to add another, larger bit)

I may be passed the 30 day trial as I opened my account in 2016-ish. I’ve never used any of the pro settings though. I’m aware of the free pro-days each month ,I just haven’t attempted it yet(my schedule is pretty hectic for the next several months). I did make some changes and got most of the detail I was looking for.

You are right about speed/time though. I believe the v-bit/pro simulation showed ~35 minutes. My trickery run took about 1hr 45 minutes with the 1/8" 60* bit and is definitely not as clean as a v-bit cut should be.

Thanks for your assistance. Once things get closer to normal, I’ll give legit pro v-carving a try.

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