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Hello, I have a question I need to clear up. On the 60deg v-bit, do you have to put in the head size into easel. I started out with a straight v bit the head same size the the shank. Today I bought a new one, says its a 60deg v bit but the head is a lot bigger then the shank may be around 1/2 to 3/4. I have used it tonight and worked fine. I just wanting to make sure I am doing things right. Thanks for any help.

The Largest Diameter of the Cutter is what Easel is Asking for, This Spec effects the visual of the carve when carving any of the 3 “Path” cut types BUT it ALSO effects the stepover distance of the Vbit.
IMO this is totally the wrong way to calculate the stepover, but it’s how Easel works…

If you’d like to see more about this issue, I discussed this caveat of the Bit Entry and toolpaths of Vbits a few weeks back here: Saving Bits in Easel the RIGHT way!! AND a Quick Intro to the App Library - YouTube

Thanks a bunch for your reply was very helpfull and will watch this video has lots of good info.

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Here is my bit i have in question, it looks to me any ways the info is already in easel. Am I correct with this thinking? Thanks

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This would be Entered as 60 degree and the “diameter” (or “width” depending on which screen you’re on in Easel) would be 1"

I do have another video about these style bits with the Carbide inserts that will ensure that the carbide is correctly aligned to be at the center position. I have the older, smaller 60deg from BinStak and a couple of that same style from Amana and it’s easy to mis-align the insert and throw off detailed carves… (this one is a LOT shorter and to the point versus that long livestream)

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