Bit size vs font size

Hi all, I am now on my second project using Easel. After much trial and error, I finally finished the first one sort of successfully. I create the picture I want to mill but when I select an 1/8th inch straight bit, the programme automatically makes everything in the picture more bold and, when it cuts it, the cuts are all 3/16ths because it goes round each one twice and widens it from 1/8th to 3/16ths. How do I stop it making the cuts wider when I change from a (very thin) pointed cutter to a 1/8th bit? I’m sure the answer is simple, I just can’t find it. Thanks in advance for any advice. John

Are you programing in the bit you are using or just change bits from one to the next?

I have been creating the design and then setting up the bit, work size and type etc etc. I assume from your question that I should be setting everything up and then doing the design? Is there a way of changing the line width anyway? Cheers, John

I just tried a new project and set everything up before starting the design. When I added the text, it still came out too bold (and overlap in places). If I then changed the bit to a 1/16th, it didn’t reduce the ‘boldness’ of the text, it simply set up to do 2 runs around the inside and outside of each letter (does that make sense?). If I am using an 1/8 inch cutter, I just want to be able to use a font that is 1/8th inch wide.

It does seem like the only way to achieve what I want is to tell the machine I am using a 1/16th inch bit so that the text is the right thickness on the screen, and then install an 1/8th inch bit. It would be much easier if there was a way of changing the line thickness in the design, if there is I can’t find it.

There is no way to change the line thickness in easel. Maybe switch to a font that is not as bold. Can you download the file here so we can take a look?

Copy of Roo door sign (213.1 KB)

Hi, this is the design I was working on. If I select 1/16th inch bit, it is exactly how I want it to look. However, if I select an 1/8th inch bit and run it, the lines are 3/16th wide and the letters overlap. I’m probably missing something simple?!

File>share>share with link>paste link Try this i can not open the link you sent.

@JohnWalker you want to fill a pocket or cut inside your paths. Mane sure the cut selection is correct in Easel.