Bit speed and doc

Trying to cut 3/4 oak with a 1/32 fish tale bit from invent. Have speed at 18 ipm and doc at .02. Bit barely touches wood and bit snaps. Need advice.

Your settings are ok, may i suggest setting up a two stage cut. Without ‘ramping in’ [which easel cant do] the combination of wood and tiny bit is just too much. Start out with a 1/8 and then switch to the little guy. Also, cross grain cutting is more likely to break a fine bit.

Good luck, I have a shaft pile on my floor of similar size bits.

I usually keep the DOC to about .01 for a small 1/32 bit. It is also very important to have as little of the bit extending from the collet as possible.

The other thing to check is that the work piece is very level, when you are trying to keep the DOC to .01 it does not take much work surface variation to double the DOC. So set the zero at one spot on the surface then raise and move the bit to a new location to check that the zero is very close to the same. Do this on each corner of the work, you may need to shim the work with a piece of paper to make it perfectly level.

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Planing the surface before should be a good solution too.
I had this height mismatch on a piece of plywood and my machine would keep stalling and burning 1/8 bits until i realized that the doc was almost double at one spot.

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1/32" bits are notoriously easy to break. Your depth of cut seems a bit high, I would try less than half of that, and remember that with a bit that small the surface must be square/flat to the spindle’s orientation as well as square to the XY axes so that when the spindle is moving across the piece it’s not getting deeper than your DOC due to the X or Y axes being on even a slight slant, because having your DOC vary due to that can easily be what makes or breaks it.

Not sure how to do a 2 stage cut?

Im not sure, but you may still have to sign up for beta to do the two stage. It allows you to choose a roughing pass and a detail pass, I’ll find the link to thread where you request it, one moment please.

Two stage cuts go ask for access in that thread, they will hook you up!