Bit that can cut 3/4" deep

Hey guy’s I got someone who wants a sign made for they’re campsite. I am doing is out of 10x1 Pine. It comes out to about 9 1/4"x 3/4" The customer wants a cursive font and wants it engraved all the way through. I can’t seem to find a bit that has a dept of cut equal or a bit more than 3/4" Anyone have a link to a bit that would work? Looks like a 1/8" bit will be thin enough.

I am actually cutting with this bit right now:

Awesome! Just what I needed! Thank you for this!

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I told the customer that. I gave him the option to keep it the way it is or I could design the letters so that they stay attached. The customer plans to glue the sign I make onto another board. Worst case he can glue the pieces on as well.

Yes that would be great! I hope they add more fonts soon! Or even better a way to easily import my own fonts!

You could put small tabs on those letters so the pieces don’t get caught by bit and get damaged when flying out