Bit too large warning removed?

As i recall easel used to warn you when your bit was too large to cut all of your design geometry, as well as indicate the areas that wouldn’t be cut (with red lines). I am no longer getting that warning. Is there a setting to turn that feature back on?

Hi @DarylKehler - just chatted with our CS team and they said you won’t get a full popup that tells you that the bit is too large. In the 3D preview on the right, the design should be broken up in places where the bit isn’t able to fit.

If you’re having trouble, please feel free to email or call them and they’d be happy to help out!
Phone: 312-775-7009

I can see in the preview where it is obvious when the bit is too large, but it is not necessarily easy to see when the bit is too large to cut smaller areas (say rounding off a corner that is too sharp).
HAving a visual aid showing compromised areas would be helpful. Strange that they would remove that feature all together…