Bit type/letter cutting

Hello all,

I’m looking for a little advise. I got my x-carve back in November and unfortunately life has been crazy and I’m only now getting a chance to play.

I have two questions; first, what would be the best bit to use when carving letters. Second, I just tried doing a project with 1/8 bit and it seemed to carve okay but it didn’t completely carve the letters. I don’t know if i did something wrong in easel or it’s a setting.

I’m just looking for some advice.

Thank you,


If it did not carve all the letters your bit was probably to big. Run the simulation screen on the right side and you can see what it will cut. If it does not show cutting everything it should try a smaller bit and see what the simulation looks like then.


Hi Thomas,
Could you share a picture of the letters that you carved?

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I have the same problem. Also I cant seem to insert another text box another text box to do a smaller text without losing most of the text. Maybe it is all relevant to the size of wood area you are carving on. Try Maximising the text box to your work area and keep checking with the simulation tool on right.

Thank you! That worked, I switched to a smaller bit and all the letters carved.

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Some of the other users suggested using a smaller bit and that solved the problem. Thank you!

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Thank you!