Bitmap to 3d Relief?

Is there any way to convert a bitmap to a 3d relief? Specifically I want a heightmap based on the brightness of a grayscale image. Ddoes anyone know of some software that might (free hopefully)?

Hi Jon,

This may work for you…

Search for it…

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I experimented with a plugin for fusion360 a year ago to do this. I’ll try to retrace my steps when I get home and let you know the detail.

Maybe this…

This is great but I don’t see a way to download the resultant 3d model.

While I’ve never used this functionality myself, it looks like Tinkercad as an ‘image generator’ that will do what you’re after. I use tinkercad for really simple stuff (for printing & CNCing), so it should export the resultant data as an stl no problem.

I have been looking for something similar to turn pictures into 3d stls to use on a box for mother’s day of old memories. I only want them raised .1 to .2 inches but cant seem to make anything work. I have Aspire but watched 7 videos and didnt find what i was looking for even though i am assured it is there.

How about this?


I think this one is very interesting.

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