Bits and Settings for Cutting Polycarbonate

Hi, I’m looking for advice on bits and settings for cutting a thin layer of Polycarbonate. I saw some info in other threads, but I was hoping to put this one together for more thorough info.

My test cut made it obvious that the material is melting and sticking to the bit, causing problems. Can anyone share details on how to avoid melting?

I’m wondering how the bit type, bit size, feed rate and depth of cut affect this… From my research, I should increase the feed rate and slow the spindle RPM, if possible. But I don’t know which bit type to choose, how small a bit I can use (to get finer detail), and if increasing/decreasing the DOC would make a difference.

Thanks in advance!

Try a single “O-flute”. Cut really fast. Shallower cuts will let you move faster through the material. How thin? Use super glue and tape method to ensure the material doesn’t lift.


2mm… so yes, I think I’ll tape it down. Thanks.