Bits braking

I am having problems with bits breaking. We are trying yo cut 1/2 mdf (with suggested cut rates) I have Bosch Colt with collet adapter . I broke about 3 bits around the same area.

Any idea why?

Either the bit was not inserted correctly into the collet or the adapter is crap and let the bit slide down (very likely).

Does your MDF show a cut much deeper than expected right before the bit broke?

The bits was inserted all the way to the flutes tightened up nicely. It looked like it was vibrating a lot so I stop the carve. When z goes up tip falls off. Now I am thinking the adapter I got from Amazon is defective and some how its not tightening evenly. I will get a new adapter to see if it helps.

^ That. Quite a few times that. They’re not very expensive, and work great!


Yep, Elaire collets are the ones you want to stop the problem and improve your carves greatly.

Thanks everyone ! I ordered the collet from Elaire


Incidentally, don’t be worried if you don’t get a shipping notification, etc. I’ve ordered from them twice, and neither time have I actually received a shipping notification or tracking number. Both times they’ve shipped quickly and the collet has shown up with no trouble at all, so don’t sweat it if it happens to you. :slight_smile:

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