Bits for a New user

Good Evening,

I am new to the XCarve community and I would like to know what are some good bits to start with. I am currently waiting for my XCarve to arrive and I would like to know tips and pointers on what bits to order and a possible location to order them from?

If this has already been posted the could someone point me to the direction of the post.

Thank You

I think it would depend on what you are doing with the xcarve. If you are planning things with fine detail and using easel, then you will want some finer bits. If you are like me and cut things that don’t have fine details, then 1/8 and 1/4" diameter cutters do the trick.

Thank you Martin. Yes i will be using it for cutting. So i will look into these kind of bits immediately.

The bit sets sold here on the Inventables site are a good value and will get you under way with a good variety. You will of course supplement them from other sources over time, but they’ll start you off aok.