Bits for detail carving

Looking for ideas on bits for detail. I was cutting out stars today for an American flag and no matter what bit i used they looked terrible.

The only bits I have are the Inventables ones I ordered with the machine. I’m using pine wood if that helps also.

If you want to get great detail, your best bet is to go with V-Bit and do some V-Carving.


Brandon Parker

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I agree with @BrandonR_Parker if you would go to a vbit you can get some nice crisp stars and go detail.

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You Want good Stars? Follow my tutorial. I get perfect stars and text, and logos EVERY time! HOW TO CNC FLAGS LIKE A PRO - With Perfect Stars Every Time! - YouTube

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I ordered some smaller V bits last night and they will be here Wednesday. I got some 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree bits.

Thanks for the help!