Bits for the Makita RT700 CJ

Hi guys

I’m a little puzzled by the dimensions on the mill bits. The Makita manual states that I can use 6 mm, 8 mm, 1/4" or 3/8". The two mill bits that came with the X-Carve is 1/4", right? That’s 6,35 mm. Now, the opening of the “conical bit holder” on the Makita is 5,89 mm (with a little force I widened it to 6,11 mm). I did get the mill bit in, but I had to use a hammer :kissing_heart:

Is there a bit holder for my Makita that fits both the machine and the 1/4" mill bits?

Are there any shops selling mill bits with metric measurements?

BTW: This is my first cut ever on the X-Carve :slight_smile:
It’s the first step towards a door sign for my daughter. The final products will be white with pink characters.

The collet that came with my Makita was 1/4" and I have a collet reducer that lets me use 1/8" bits.
You can get various size collets, both metric and imperial,that suit the Makita from Elaire

yes you need the elaire collets. Don’t buy cheap ebay stuff. you’ll thank us

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US model: RT0701C comes with 1/4" collet as standard
EU model: RT0700C comes with 6mm & 8mm collets as standard

6mm collets are designed for 6mm bits and 1/4" collets are designed for 1/4" bits. The difference is so small, that it can be tempting. However, avoid using 1/4" bits in a 6mm collet. You are risking of damaging both.

Get a 1/4" (and a 1/8") collet from Elaire.

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…and definitely avoid using a 6mm bit in a 1/4" collet. You don’t want to see a bit flying out of the collet at 30k rpm.

PS. Nice sign. There’s no greater source of inspiration than daughters :slight_smile: