Bits getting clogged with acrylic

HELPFUL TIP WHEN USING ACRYLIC sheets. I’m using the 3018 DIY machine. When working with most acrylic material, I’ve found that spraying a dish soap mixed with water on your acrylic piece keeps the bits from getting clogged as often. I’ve done this on 5-6 projects and only had one clog in 8-10 hours of work. In addition to staying clog free, The Acrylic dust stays to a minimum and is almost null and void…

I wouldn’t recommend using Windex on acrylic. It can accelerate crazing that will affect the clarity and strength of the acrylic.
Songs like your problem is heat. Use a single flute end mill and feed as fast as you can.

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You are correct. I had not thought of that when I used Windex. The spindle I’m using will not allow for a higher RPM. However, it does keep the dust down.

Not higher RPM, but faster feed rate.
Carving plastic biggest threat is melting of the plastic. The cure is lower RPM/faster feed rate to get the result you want (within the capabilities of the machine in question)

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