Bits_how, when and types

Does the software tell you when a bit type needs to be changed for your project, should you use two different files to accomplish the work or, just watch it and stop when the initial bit type cut is complete?

The software will not tell you when to change your bit.

You can use separate workpieces, but it may be easier to utilize a two stage carve. You will load which ever bit you need for roughing and select the roughing bit during project setup prior to carving. When the roughing finishes, it will act just like it has finished the project. You will then need to put in your detail bit and when you go through project setup again, select the detail bit.

For more info and examples, search for TWO STAGE carving.

There are tool tips that give you a bit of explanation about the different types of bits:

What were you hoping it would do?

new to the forum so apologies up front. I want to do a relief cut then do a straight cut in another part of the piece for a logo plaque. A lot of it is learning to new terminology in this area. I appreciate the feedback.

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No apologies necessary. What material are you using? Also is it detail work or larger items?

Iā€™m not sure what you mean by relief cut but you might take a look at the inlay generator. It will take your artwork and create the cut out insert and the pocket it fits into.