Bits keep breaking

Not sure what is going on but every time i try and cut pieces for my cypress projects the straight cut bits keep breaking. I have broke 4 bits and i am not sure what is going on. I have used some of my other bits and they do fine but the straight cut can’t seem to survive. The first bit lasted thru many cuts but now each bit doesn’t last thru it’s first cut. Does anyone have suggestions on what the problem may be and have a fix. Thanks

What are your cut settings?
Feedrate? Depth of cut?

Not sure, still new to the machine and still learning. I will look at that and slow it down i guess

Not always. When you check, post the info here.
Straight bits aren’t great at clearing chips either…what material?

Slowing down in often incorrect appraoch, go shallower per pass instead.

If you provide bit details and cutting parameters (RPM, feed rate, depth per pass etc) we can be more precise in our suggestions.

The material is cypress wood about 7/8" thick

I will look at this tonight and post it. Any other recommendations on a bit that will give me a good clean edge to cut cypress wood with a 90 degree milled edge?

I’d use a decent 1/4" two flute upcut.


Federate is 50 inches/min plunge is 20/ minute and depth is .06 inches.

Router speed?

Not sure the rpms but it is on 4.5. I have the dewalt DWP611

Most likely your cause #1. Almost any carving done with the Xcarve dont need more than 16k RPM which is speed setting #1.

If feed rate is too slow or RPM too high the bit cutting edge will rub instead of cut and rub = friction = heat = dull cutter edge = more friction etc.