Bits with extended shanks

Are the bit with extended shanks for when you do your cut out . I am wanting to do my cut out but my material is 3 in thick , or is there a work around for this . I.e doing the cut out and using a band saw to finish , looking for any suggestions or help.

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On something that thick i would probably cut as far thru as possible with the bit you have then use the bandsaw to finish the cut. When you are done you can use a flush trim bit in a router to clean everything up.


If you are using a 1/4" dia shank trim router, I don’t think you will find much more than a 3" long bit. I don’t think I’d want to use one either. A full size router with a 1/2 collet can accommodate longer bits.

Amana Tool 45477 Carbide Tipped Straight Plunge High Production 1/2 D x 3 CH x 1/2 SHK x 5-1/4 Inch Long Router Bit (

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Someone here asked the same thing and ordered these. I’m not a fan of cheap bits but hey, you never know.

Mesee Set of 2 Pieces Extra Long Straight Router Bit Set, 1/4-Inch Shank Double Flute Straight Grooving Bits Trimming Cutter Woodworking Milling Tools with 2" & 3" Cutting Height: Tools & Home Improvement


You will be hard-pressed to find a 3" 1/4" cutter. And if you did, you will probably snap it in the workpiece with a deep contour cut given the lack of precision/rigidity of the X-carve. Heat builds up, things move, binding, snap.

Find a 2" 1/4" straight flute cutter. You could register and flip the piece for a two-sided carve, but if it’s just a one-off project, bandsaw/jigsaw and template route the rest with a bearing bit in a handheld or table router.

Through carves that thick need at least 1/2" cutters.

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Thanks for the assist , I kind of figured I would have to use my band saw and a trim bit

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If you are using a small Makita router, you can use router bits with a 3/8 shank. You can get the collet adaptor for around $10 on Amazon.dp/B000808IBU/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3OHZSNZLR2GNV&keywords=3%2F8ths+MAKITA+COLLET&qid=1678663369&sprefix=3%2F8ths+makita+collet%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-1

You can get longer 3/8ths bits and be a little more confident of their ability to cut deeper.

When I first looked at the collet I thought, no way am I going to use that, but after a bit and trying a 3/8 shank bit in the router with no collet (don’t even think about running it) I took a couple of measurements and discovered that the North end of the Makita collet measures 3/8ths
So if you insert a 3/8ths bit the top end just fits where the standard collet would go, so the collar only has to grip the shank at the nut pressing the collet into the taper. Am using it and it seems to be fine. Have not checked for runout but do not see any burns on the work.

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