Bits with weird shank size

So I have a couple bits with shank size of .15in and .23in

I have both 1/8 and 1/4 collects. Even when tightening up they won’t fit. I also have a cheap adapter that came with inventables and that doesn’t work?
Just wonder what my options are or just toss them away?

Sounds like they are metric.


You can get a 6mm (and possibly 4mm) collet.

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Thanks guys. I was hoping there was a cheaper option since I just bought the 1/8 collect

if you got the precision collet from Inventables then you could just go directly to the supplier and get the collets from!!!Dewalt_611!!!Collet!!!PG!!!
just make sure that you get the ones for the Dewalt 611.

I actually have the same issue. I’m assuming they’re metric as well, i need to go home and measure the them to see what they are. I looked at the collets from precisebits, but i don’t think i want to spend that much. i might look into the ones from Elaire. I do have the DeWalt 611 router on my x-carve.

I have the elaire collets for 1/8", 4mm and 6mm they are great and give me a lot of flexibility for bit sizes. 4mm and 6mm bits tend to be less expensive.

0.15" is probably 4mm (0.157 inches)

0.23" is probably 6mm (0.236 inches)

I was just going to measure and toggle between imperial and metric on the caliper haha

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I have had and used both the elairecorp collets and the precise bits collets and as far as I am concerned there is no comparison. you will notice the difference in fit and function. If you want to save a couple of dollars and do not care about fit and function then why not save more and just us an adaptor (so many dislike them for that exact reason).

If you want the best it will always cost more, there is a reason for that. and you will notice that the more precise the run-out is the more they cost. (i.e. TIR < 0.0004in = $23.95 and TIR < 0.0002in $71.95 and TIR < 0.0001in $77.95).

P.S. if you already have the precise nut and spanner wrench then all you have to buy is the collet which can be changed into the nut as per the instructions. also I have no affiliation with precise bits just have used and respect their collets.

I have the Precise Bits nut and collet for my 1/8" shank bits. i have some slightly smaller than than and others just under 1/4" as well.

Yeah I have the eclaire one. I’m going to buy the 4mm in the futuredue to I had for 3d carving bits were a little cheaper.

Hahaha my bad elaire

What’s the run-out on those Angus? I’m already up to a 40"!

Wouldnt the collet clamping down squeeze out the cream filling?